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Good-Natured Blue-Pill Ribbing

Recently while I was at work, the topic of conversation had turned to strip-clubs. It was among three men, myself included. I forget how the beginning of the conversation went, but at some point it came out that I thought that patronizing a strip-club was a dumb thing to do, and that I don’t have the money or patience for it, nor am I all that inclined to go in the first place.

They quickly turned on me and uttered the same phrase in rapid succession. No kidding, I heard a minor variation of this sentence eleven times: “He can’t handle the strip-club.” Seven times from one of them, and four from the other, who said it slightly less frequently, as if they were having a conversation. I tried to interject a few times to argue my position, but I hadn’t really caught on to what was happening yet.

So here it is, my manhood on trial. Call it a good-natured ribbing if you will, but the underlying tone was that it’s unmanly not to want to go to strip-clubs. I eventually stopped trying to edge my explanation in, eye-rolled, and excused myself from the conversation (implicitly). I was shocked at how many times the exact same thing was said, and they were both saying it in rough alternation like they were having a conversation! I was prepared to have a difference of opinion with them, but I didn’t expect this one to manifest so uniformly and emphatically. I’m not so hurt about the man-hood thing — they don’t know I’m self-defined. I am upset about being shouted down and the attempted shaming. For some reason, even though I don’t think highly of them in the first place (pussy-addicted thralls), it still stings to be verbally assaulted by someone I was just speaking to civilly not 20 seconds ago.

So I’m not sure what the appropriate response to this would be, but I want to express my dissatisfaction with their emotional hang-ups, and my condemnation towards those who protect their shortcomings by attacking others. I wanted them to know that I value my own opinion of myself more than both of theirs combined and how I felt about them and what they were doing, and I wanted it to sting. How do you tell a pussy-addicted thrall they’re a pussy-addicted thrall in terms they can understand?

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